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Please complete the form below if you wish to join Army Surfing.

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    FemaleMaleOpen (shortboard)LongboardBodyboard

      Beginner - Developing awareness of physical and environmental hazards. Only catching broken waves and stays within chest depth of water. Developing basic skills of ‘popping up’, ‘trimming’ and ‘turning’
      Novice - Aware of physical and environmental hazards. Competent in paddling beyond breaking waves in 2-3ft surf. Developing skills to catch and ride green waves
      Intermediate - Competent in identifying and avoiding hazards. Competent in catching and riding green waves in 4-5ft surf. Can conduct basic manoeuvres on the face of a wave
      Experienced - Extremely competent in identifying hazards and taking appropriate action. Competent in catching and riding challenging and technical waves. Can conduct advanced manoeuvres on the face of a wave






    Membership Fee

    As well as completing this form you will also need to send payment by Bank Transfer of £30 for membership, which includes Surfing England third party insurance at official events. Specific event fees will be collected at the relevant events by the event OIC:

      Sort code – 161926
      Acct No - 10626226
      Reference – Use the word Membership followed by the year (ie. 19, 20, 21) followed by your initials, i.e Membership19TA (Tommy Atkins)

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    About Us


    The aims of Army Surfing are to promote and encourage the sport of surfing, and to provide a focal point for all forms of competitive surfing within the Army.

    Army Surfing aim to meet at least 3 times a year at various spots around the country as well and host the Army Championships & compete in the Inter-Service Championships.